Reading Your Bill

Billing Information

It’s important to us that you understand how to read your IVC bill. See below for a more detailed look at your IVC bill.

    Sample Bill 1 Download Bill Sample.pdf
  1. Customer Number: The customer number is a numeric code assigned to each customer to identify account information. Please have your customer number ready when calling customer service.
  2. Due Date: Bills must be paid on or before this date to avoid late fee.
  3. Amount Enclosed: Please indicate the payment amount included with your remittance.
  4. Remittance Address: Send your payment to this address with your remittance slip for proper credit to your account.
  5. Important Messages: Watch this space for important information concerning your account or service.
  6. Previous Balance: Your account balance at the start of the billing cycle.
  7. Payments Received: Any payments (including automatic payments) or adjustments made during the billing cycle.
  8. Cellular: This is your monthly service fee for all lines including any late fees, equipment and adjustments.
  9. Taxes and Surcharges: Cost recovery of Government Mandated Programs are charges to recover IV Cellular costs of complying with unfunded government mandates.
  10. Total Amount Due: Current charges plus any remaining prior bill changes.
  11. Sample Bill 2 Download Bill Sample.pdf
  12. Charges for Mobile Number: This will list any detailed monthly and optional charges on each individual line.
  13. Detail of Text Message Usage: Summary of text message sent and received.
  14. Wireless Call Details: Contains date, timestamp, duration and charges of calls. (This information is only printed if you have a call detail feature on your account.)

What People Are Saying

We have been with IVC for a long time, probably at least 15 years, we have always had great service, Jacki at the Marseilles office is…" Sarah Machiorletti Manz