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TextGuardian Overview

Control, Manage and Personalize the messaging experience for yourself, family or business.  TextGuardian is the perfect solution to keep your family safe and secure while using their wireless phones.
IVC’s TextGuardian is also an affordable business tool that can help create company compliant policies for mobile devices plus give the ability to save contact information, create group lists and archive messages.
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TextGuardian Control

Control options give you the flexibility to limit who can access your mobile number. Features include blocking numbers or emails and limited access during specific time periods.

Control Features:

    - Block & Allow Access Lists
    - “Time of Day” Controls
    - Messaging Allowances

TextGuardian Management

Management options enable you to save contact information and set up groups to simplify messaging to multiple numbers or e-mail addresses. You can also access the content of your sent and received messages through this feature.

Management Features:

    - On-Line Message Archiving
    - Group Contact Lists
    - Web-based Control Center

TextGuardian Personalization

Personalization options let you copy and forward messages to other mobile numbers or e-mail addresses. You can also create a customized auto-reply message as well as a personalized signature that is added to every message you send.

Personalization Features:

    - Personalized Signatures
    - Auto-Reply Messages
    - Message Forwarding


New User?  Please Register to gain full client access to IVC’s TextGuardian.

Follow the steps below to set up your IVC TextGuardian Account

  1. Complete the registration form on the IVC TextGuardian website.
  2. Contact Customer Care by dialing 611 from your Illinois Valley Cellular phone, or 800.438.4824, to receive your activation code. The activation code is needed to complete your registration and will only be provided to verified account holders.
      USER ACCOUNT:____________________________
      (phone number associated with account)
      ACTIVATION CODE:__________________________
  3. Go to TextGuardian website.  Enter your user name and password.  Then, enter activation code and begin utilizing the service.




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